Common mistakes while Decorating Home

Many of us love to decorate our house with different decor styles, colors, lighting, our favorite stuff but we all do some mistakes which we never notice. These points will help you to notice your decor and make improvements next time you’ll  accessorize your home.

1. Choosing Small Rugs:

Rugs should not be too small in living area. It should at least cover front legs of big furniture and all four legs of  small ones.


2.  Pushing furniture against wall:

Furniture lining with walls will give smaller and irrational. Place furniture away from walls it will give a balanced and less crowded look to room, specially your living room. 

3. Short Curtains or Drapes:

Hanging short curtains is the common mistake made by most of the people. Curtains should be of full length , it will make room appear bigger. Short length curtains make ceiling look small.   

4. Paint according to decor:

Never choose paint color at first. There are thousands of colors to choose which you can change. Choose your decorative pieces of your house and then decorate around it.


5. Furniture should match elements: 

Don’t use too many throw pillows on the sofa or couch, it gives messy look to room. Don’t place small pillows on big chair, they will not fit the room decor.



6.Photo Gallery :  

Don’t hang so many frames on a wall. It will give cluster look. Make wall photo gallery with less photos by organizing according to date or events. 


7. Always choose comfort: 

Every stylish decor item is not comfortable. May be a sofa give classy look but will not match your comfort level!! So buy only those things in which you are comfortable.


8. Using single type of lighting:

Using one overhead lighting does not provide enough lighting and are not that fancy. Mix up different styles, use task light, pendant, scones. It will give more light and clear look to room.


9. Decorate what you love: 

Home decor is all about decorating home with stuff you love!! Something which you dislike or doesn’t fit your personality should not be in your house.



Hope this blog will be helpful for you!!!