How does your personal space look like?

Usually people can judge a person by his/her playlist or simply by looking at his/her personal space. How you decorate your personal space is a reflection of your personality. A small temple around the corner tells that you are religious. A very neat and clean space with everything organised to the teeth, gives an impression that you are disciplined and like things proper. (Remember Monica?? Naah? sorry my bad!!)

You might be a tea or coffee lover, adore pets, love to dance, loves music or might be love to explore places, Not just your personality, it could even be any phase of your life, or your mood. It could be literally anything.

What we do is, we carve your personality/stories in our products. These products will describe you better than anything else. They will become you most valuable possession.

Apart from being incomparably cute and adorable, these product are multi usable.The same piece can be hanged on a wall, on door as a nameplate or simply keep it on your table.

Some Features

Thing you can add to the Table Top


A photoframe can be added to it. It looks gorgeous. It is self standing, and can be kept on the side table, bookshelves, bedside table, console table, office table or where you feel like. All of our table top designs can be used with the photoframe. Or you can customise it with any quote or name of your choice.

Key Holder

They are not just to put keys but to make your walls look different and attractive. Replace your simple boring key holders with unique and expressive one. Best part is, it can be used with any of stock designs or you can customize them as per choice also.

Dream Catcher

Get away from the usual dreamcatchers, get these which are meaningful. The beauty of a dreamcatcher and expression of the table top, combined makes it worth it. You can customise these with your personal names or thoughts as well. Though we have a huge collection of designs, you might connect with one.

These products are handmade in India and by buying our products you are helping in giving employment to so many people