Eco friendly home decor products

Home decor can be Eco-friendly too!!

While decorating or renovating home keeping a few points in mind will help to save the environment and create a healthy atmosphere. With natural products, the interior will look unique and attractive. 

Just remember some points and there you go with your Eco-friendly home decor, decorated with natural, handmade products, made with natural stuff. 

  1. Organic rugs

 Rugs made with natural fibers, organic cotton. Simple, organic and stylish. Little bit costly but looks stylish and for nature lovers, it is the perfect choice to decorate a home with it. 


2. Bamboo decor

Use bamboo on walls of different colors and in different patterns. Shiny-yellow bamboo sticks or black bamboo roles are a good option to decorate walls or garden area. The bamboo decor is used in bathroom floors to balance temperature during summers and high humidity.


3. Eco friendly decorative items.

For walls, rooms, decorative items made with recycled wood. Tabletop quotes, wooden wall arts with names/quotes and these are the multi-purpose you can hang them or keep them on the table. Gives 3d effect to walls, And not only tabletop and wall arts, even key hanging with names, dream catchers with text, monograms, nameplates are also made with recycled wood/ MDF. For Eco-friendly tabletop decor, wall arts visit


4. Sustainable wallpapers

Wallpapers made with natural ink, waste materials are available in the market with FSC’s mark to ensure that they are made with waste products that are in favor of saving the environment. 


5. Plant Decor

How can we forget plants for an Eco-friendly environment? Indoor plants or outdoor plants both are awesome ideas for a healthy environment and green decor is always best to choose for home decor. They look good in every room and even outside the room. Air becomes fresh. Plants with colorful pots give different look to your decor.



  Hope this will help you for an Eco friendly environment !!

Picture source-:  Nukkadtales, Pinterest, Google images.