Best 5 funky Home decor ideas 


Why to go with serious decor when you can go with humor? Funky, quirky interior design are trendy now a days. Decoration with quotes, slang, unique accessories made for every corner of home and offices.

You will find different patterns, different colors and interestingly funny accessories  in one room. According to me the best kind of decor, a room filled with such positive vibes, laughter and decor with  expresses your personality.  With the trend of customized decor, you can buy every home decor item online which suits you!!

Make your home and office decor according to your choices with some of these ideas!!


Printed cushions with your favorite quote or pictures of your loved one or your inspiration or try 3d prints and decorate the living room and bedroom with these.  


2. Sarcastic wall: 

A wall full of sarcasm!! Decorate your wall with the uniqueness of jokes and memes. Quotes in 3d wall art is a very good and unique option for wall decor. 



3. Small wooden decor: 

Wooden tabletop quotes are available in the market which can be customized. Decorate your table and shelves with small and cute quotes and make your place a happy place. 


4. Kitchen and dinning decor:

Coffee mugs, tabletop quotes, 3d wall arts  with relatable quotes or names or anything in printed on in 3d form to decorate your kitchen. Make kitchen decor catchy and entertaining !!



5. Signboards:

Use unique way to welcome guest to your home. Try quirky signboards to hang on the door and start mockery with your friends and family.