Best 9 Easy Diwali decor ideas


1. Rangoli

Make beautiful Rangoli patterns in living room or for entrance. Use colors or flowers to make rangoli. Rangoli decoration gives festive vibes to your home. Make and decorate rangoli of your choice and celebrate Diwali. For living room try biggest Diwali pattern.



2.  PotPourri

Reuse dry plants and leaves for Diwali decor. Prepare potpourri with leaves and petals. Spray your favorite fragrance on it and decorate your room with sweet smell. Potpourri can be used for 2 months.




Diwali is all about new things!!

Change old accessories , cushion covers, curtains with new bright one to give festive look to your home. Add accessories to match your decor. Every room with bright colors will reflect the Diwali vibe!!



4. Crepe Paper Torans

Torans look beautiful and attractive when decorate on entrance of home or Puja Ghar. Paper torans have long life than flowers, you can use it after Diwali also for other occasions as they are reusable.


5.  Floral Decoration

Decorate your entryway with flowers or make flower rangoli with different & colorful petals. Flowers just don’t decorate but also spread the fragrance in the house. They give attractive look and spread festive vibes around you. Natural things are always best option for decoration!!



6. Diyas & Candles

Diwali is not Diwali without diyas and candles!! this time try unique diyas and colorful candles to decorate your home. with simple diyas and candles, light them and decorate the boundary of your house with it. You can also use floating candles or scented candles for decoration.


7.  Handmade Kandils & lanterns

Decorate home with something handmade.Give personalized touch to your Diwali decoration by making handmade paper kandils and lamps. You can also make other handmade things like decorating diya and candles. Hang paper kandils and decorate your interior or entryway.



8. Diwali Themed Cookies

Diwali time means delicious food and sweets on the table. Decorate table with sweets, favorite dishes and Diwali themed cookies. You can make them at home or can buy from market. Serve your guests delicious food and cookies.



9. Fairy Lights

Diwali decoration starts from lightning the house with beautiful colorful sparkling lights.can you imagine Diwali without lights??? it’s like sweets without sugar!!! decorate your interior or terrace with fairy lights to give wonderful Diwali look to your home…


We hope this blog helped you for your Diwali decor!!

Celebrate Diwali with love & happiness