Best Gift Ideas for your Loved Ones!!

Best Gift Ideas for her!!!

Whether it’s your mother, sister, girlfriend or any women in your life, they all love gifts. 

Don’t wait for any occasion to gift her something sweet and unique. Every day is special, gift her these unique gifts and express your love and tell them how important they are in your life. 

1. Take her shopping!!!

Women loves shopping!! They can shop daily and still say ‘Oh! I missed that dress…’  even after buying 10-15 dresses. So take her to the favorite outlet and let her buy favorite stuff. And a small tip while you take her shopping- never try to give your opinion about her stuff!!


2. Combo pack:

Gift basket full of her favorite  accessories, including watches, bracelet, favorite chocolates, with a cute tabletop of her name is a perfect combo gift for her!! A tabletop is better than a greeting card to express you feelings. cards will be kept in cupboard and tabletop will be in front of her eyes every time.


3. Makeup:

What’s better than gifting a girl a make-up kit?? MORE MAKEUP!! Gift the makeup kit of her favorite brand and I assure you that till that makeup last she’ll be a nice person to you( No teasing or giving orders). Gift her a perfect combo of makeup and you can make this more valuable by gifting tabletop/frame which is connected to her personality.


4. Customized gift:

Remember that cute nick name you have given to her!! We all have some cute, funny nick names which we love!! Get customized frame or tabletop or dream catcher with that cute name and gift her on her special day!!!


Sleeping Beauty wooden tabletop

Best Gifts Ideas for him!!!

Men are the silent heroes of our lives. Our caring father, brave brother, loving grandfather, crazy friends who care for us. Gift them something unique and special as a thank you and make their day happy and memorable. 

 1. Free subscription of online channels:  

when he knows about all old and new series, movies in depth, when he cant live without watching at least one movie in a day… you know what it means??  He is a binge-watcher. And what would be better than gifting an annual subscription for online channels!! 


2. Relatable Accessories :

Is he avengers fan?? Or a FRIENDS fan?? Maybe he wants to enter the wizarding world with magical spells. Then gift him iron man key chain, Thor wall art, potter head tabletop, ‘I’ll be there for u’ photo frame!! Or anything related to his favorite character.


Wooden handmade Wall pop art  


3. Specially made for him:

Handmade cards or collages are precious, lovable but are outdated. try customized things which show affection care and most importantly customized gifts help you to express your feelings for him!! with wide variety of customize gift options nukkadtales have brought unique gift ideas which are perfect to gift!!

Potter Head wooden tabletop


Best Gift for Parents/ Spouse!!

 1. Memory wall:

 Fill your empty Walls with beautiful memories. git bunch of pictures with your family name or make family tree with wall art and picture around it!! Frame with cute pictures and the name on the side attached to it or wall frame with name and small frames around it with your family pictures.

2. Photo calendar: 

Perfect family photograph calendar to refresh old sweet memories and stories from January to December. Also do mark special days like birthdays, anniversaries to remind them to celebrate happy moments.


3. Make time for them:

Most important thing is to make time for your parents and make them feel special. With today’s busy schedule we are not able to sit and have some chit chat with our parents. So grab a cup of tea and start your gossip session!





Picture source- Nukkadtales, Pinterest, Google!!