Best 9 Ways to Decorate Home Without Spending!!

1. Pile on the pillows

Arrange pillows and cushions of  different sizes, colors and pattern and place them on sofa on living room. this will add comfort to room and coziness in room. different patterns and colors may give messy look but are interesting.


2. Rearrange your furniture

The best option for different decor is to rearrange the furniture. It will automatically give new look to the room and that too without spending any penny. Move table, sofa, side table dresser or bed from here to there.


3. Crockery

Display your beautiful crockery collection in your home as a decoration of room. Group them by colors and sizes.


4. Recycled style

Use old bottles, newspapers, cups, vases cloth cuttings to make decorative items for the home. Decorate bottles with paint & papers and display in the living room as centerpieces or hang them. Also can decorate walls or side tables.


5.  Photographs using string

 If you don’t want to hang frames try lights attached with your memories and decorate your wall. Lights will give your room different and nice look, photographs will fill your wall with smiling faces.


6.  Hang plates on wall

You can use ceramic plates to decorate your walls .You can use different sizes and colors to make different patterns for decoration. Keep the Color of plates contrast to the color of the wall, it will make it more attractive. It will help you achieve both traditional and modern look at the same time.


7.  Add plants

You can place small plants in the living room for interior decoration. They provides pleasant look and also symbolizes positivity and growth. Since plants are the source of oxygen, there will be fresh air around you, round the clock. Plants have a positive effect on your mind and looks beautiful, hence WIN WIN!


8. Turn a metal wastebasket into a side table.

Use waste baskets as side table. Place metal basket upside down put small flower pot or books besides sofa. Without buying furniture you have new table in your room. You can also paint basket with different colors.


9.  Make handmade paper decor

Use old newspaper or make paper torans for entryway. Paper flowers or lanterns for room decor on occasions. Have something creative handmade decor in interior. you can make paper torans or any other paper decor, or make wall murals.