One frame, many stories
unique and gorgeous
Personalised Name Plates
Feelings etched forever
simply beautiful
Personalised Key holders
beautiful guardian of your dreams
Fresh air, fresh tales
Your design like it is
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One of a kind, beautiful & expressive decor products

A product that loves you back! Let your space speak of your wonderful story without you having to say a word. A bit of your soul in a tangible form.


Made with love for you by some of the most skilled Indian craftsmen.


We care for you as much as we care for our nature. Our raw material is made from recycled wood.


Exclusively for you, just the way you want! Customisable for every mood, hobby, profession or occasion.


Add beauty to your walls, personal space or work table. Our products are as chic as they are useful.


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Order from a variety of pre-made designs

We have hundreds of designs for you to choose from! You even have the option to unleash your creativity. Lets make your product as unique and personal as you want it to be.

Order from Design Gallery

Order from Design Gallery

Order your own personal unique design or logo

Savour the delight of your emblem getting a physical form. Be it your unique design, official company logo, or your beautiful names at the door – we’ve got you covered!

Or, Hire a Professional Designer

We work with various artists to help you get that artsy design crafted just for you.

Shop based on Category

Choose a category below to find the product of your choice

One Product, Multiple Utilities

These are all add-ons. Go to any table top design and choose any add-on from the given options

One Photoframe, many stories

As you cruise through the journey of your life, you will have many new stories to tell. These photoframes will let you choose a different title to suit the story of your picture.

A breath of fresh air and fresh tales

As your tiny green friend grows, why should your stories be static? Change the way your planter looks to convey your new story.

To the feelings etched forever

While the whole world around you changes there’s always that one feeling that you never want to change. This photoframe is for those moments you wish to last till eternity.

Add personal touch to your door signs

A sign of your style and hospitality. You door name plate is a lot more than just an identity. Let your cherished guests feel the warmth even before they enter your home.

Add extra dimension to your logo

We know that logo is a very important part of a business. It carries a message in its intricate design. We will bring it to life by sticking an exact digital print to our handcrafted product.

Dream beautiful with our Dreamcatchers

Imagine sleeping in a room with these beautiful guardians of your dreams. To add to this experience, you can share a story, message or a desire to your dreamcatcher.

Personalised Key Holders

Do you often forget where you kept your keys? Our beautiful range of key holders will help you stay organised with your keys.

Add some fun to your workspace

Let’s move past the boring work space accessories. Express yourself in a unique way with our personalised products that will make your desk look more trendy, meaningful and organised.

Our Customers loves us! ♄

Divyani Gangwal
Divyani Gangwal
remenaa m
remenaa m
It is very nice😃👍
kiranmaye veliventi
kiranmaye veliventi
It was an amazing product I have received from nukkad tales...loved it...
Ankita Surbhi
Ankita Surbhi
Best and most adorable kind of gifts can be found here...just loved it ♄♄
farhath khaleel
farhath khaleel
It's just awesome... They designed for us the way we want❀
Neetika Jain
Neetika Jain
If you are ready to wait for a month for your order then it's ok. I ordered on a strict timeline of 20 days and they were ensuring delivery till 19th day during several follow ups. Last day when I asked they said the delivery will be delayed by 4 days. They need to be more professional and customer centric. The product quality is ok though.
Totally loved it!!! This is my first ever order from nuklad tales and it's very beautiful! I bought a table top and it's size is perfect. It's light weight. It's finishing is also very good. I am sure gonna order moređŸ˜đŸ€˜
Nidhi Tiwari
Nidhi Tiwari
Lovely pieces..quick delivery.. Appreciate the efforts
Rashmi 1
Rashmi 1
Ordered Photo frame for engagement ring platter. Provided personalized support and updated the status of order at every step. Beautiful end product too.
Megha Prakash
Megha Prakash
Very good quality and quirky designs. Love the customisation concept as well.