Top 9 Trending Home Decor Styles

1.  Traditional Style

In Traditional style decor, use pop colors for furniture like red brown and blue. Carved moldings are used in furniture and architect. Usually rooms are colorful . Expensive fabrics are preferred such as silk or velvet. Accessories used are mainly antique pieces. Traditional rooms looks luxurious and elegant.


2.  Contemporary Style

Color palette are mostly of brown cream, pure white, taupe colors. Furniture is without carving and molding. Clean and straight furniture are used. Geometric patterns can be used with rugs or pillows. Track light is good option for contemporary interior. Silk, wool, linen and cotton fabrics are preferred.


3.   Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style is very simple style of decor. Hues of white grey, brown and black are used in Scandinavian style. Carpets or throws of Warm fabric like wool or sheepskins are used. Pillows or throws with geometric patterns can be used. Scandinavian furniture should have modern touch. Metallic and wooden accessories are used in Scandinavian styles.


4.  Vintage style

Vintage is an old fashion style decor, large frames photographs are seen in vintage style. Old fashioned furniture. Low key colors like grey, cream or beige. Natural fabrics and wooden elements are preferred.


5.  Mid century modern style

Minimum fuss is the theme of mid century modern style. egg shaped chairs are preferred in mid century modern style. Neutral to bold colors can be used. Geometric patterns are reflect in mid century modern decor style. Wooden , metal accessories are used. Clean lines and mix match materials.  Avoid clutters.



6.  Transitional style

Combination of curve and straight line is seen. Neutral color palette is used. Accessories are limited but can be colorful in transitional style. Use rugs for transitional style. Large wall arts are preferred  than small pieces in transitional decor.


7.   Industrial style

 Recycled products can be used in industrial style decor. Raw material of wood, metal, brick and concrete.color palette of grey, white, back or  beige. Use dark tone to reflect neutral colors. Crystal chandelier are preferred for industrial decor style. Use open space to reflect elements of industrial style.


8.   Bohemian style

Bohemian style is the colorful one. No rules, no patterns, just the way  you want!!! Mix patterns, decorate with handmade items. Accessories which reflect your personality. Use plants to decorate room. metallic and jewel tones are used. For base colors try brown, green or grey and for accessories orange, purple or blue.


9.  Modern style

Glass, metal and steel accessories are used in decor. Clean, crisp lines are seen in modern style decor . Simple form of decor. It is known for simplicity. Less clutter or accessories are used. Neutral color palette is used.  Use of  Natural light is preferred.